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What is an Investment?

I house is an investment. Getting an education is an investment. Joining the military could be an investment. Investment’s are long-term savings. Overtime, what you put into a investment will increase your end profit goal. So I put money into an 401k, in 10 years I’ll have an greater return, if that is the company my 401k is in doesn’t go under. Investments are risky ways of saving money, but if done the correct way, will be very rewarding at the end. So You buy an house, and you repair the house and keep it in good condition and the city around this house grows and becomes very successful, the value of the house is now worth more money then when you first bought it. But what if you buy the same house and a week later a tornado comes and destroys the house. Then your out about $200,000 or whatever the cost was for the house that you paid for it. Investments are risky, but we must make investment with our money, it’s not an option. If you want to retire, you need more then a saving’s account or a 401k, you need to make investments with your money. First Starting with your education. That’s the best investment you can make. Next find businesses to invest into. Buy stocks, bonds and shares in all different areas of the economy.

On this page, I’m going to give a few sites you can check out and start making investments. Oh and STAY AWAY from Binary Options.

1) Trade Monster

2) Fundrise –

3) Acorn –

Those 3 above I use in my personal investments. I highly recommend these 3 resource as Great investment starters.

Now in the event that you become really successful. Buy houses, and lease them out to people. You will make alot of money that way. But Start small, and slowly grow. I learn the hard way. I try to start at the top, but I never made it. I am making it at the bottom, slowly going to the top where I desire to go and be.