The chances are, your viewing this site for educational reasons, correct? Or maybe you are having financial problems, correct? Hi, My name is Keith and I been there. I been at the complete bottom, didn’t know what I would eat tomorrow, or how I would pay for the gas. I had an Truck that broke down on me every month and all my money either went to the parts to fix the truck or to bills I had to pay. It felt like I was in an hole that no matter how much I try getting out of that hole, I ended up digging even deeper into the same hole. I understand the feeling that our financials are never going to get fix.

Why did I make this site?

I’m the type of person that I want to rise above everyone else, to see people fail and then not fail is what feeds me secretly. I have an side of myself that I want people not to be successful financially. BUT recently I watched a-lot of people I know fall into the same exact hole I was in only 8 months ago and I do have that side of me that I want to help people rise up and overcome. Is that not the most twisted statement ever? I like seeing people fail and I like seeing people rise up and overcome. So I made this site for the good reason, to help people overcome struggles with their financial life.